Challenges Shipping Large, Delicate Freight

The shipping industry is booming more than ever, thanks to online shopping and e-commerce shops, people are selling and buying items without having to leave their house. As more and more people are turning to online shopping, the need for fast and efficient delivery increases.

Parcel delivery services face many challenges to meet their customer’s expectations. One such challenge is shipping large and delicate freight. With hundreds of thousands of orders coming from different parts of the country, or even the world, delivery services must be efficient so that they can produce fast, yet accurate and excellent delivery results.

Perhaps the most challenging for delivery services is handling large and delicate freight. With their bulkiness and fragility, it’s easy to make mistakes and damage the goods. Commercial 3D printer, large vases, furniture – these are some examples of large delicate freight. Let’s see why these items are large delicate freight:

  • Commercial 3D Printer – the parts of a 3D printer are very fragile and it also comes with glass parts. One wrong fall and its machinery and parts can get out of alignment, making it impossible to create perfect output.
  • Vases – not all vases are large, but there are definitely large ones. You will often see antique sellers and collectors ship this kind of product and that means they don’t one even the slightest of scratch on these items.
  • Furniture – not every furniture is fragile, but if you put them together with other heavy goods, they can easily break apart if one of the heavier ones fall upon them. Plus, things like sofa and beds are very space consuming.

Other goods that have properties similar to those above are considered as large and delicate freight. They are hard to handle. But what exactly are the challenges of shipping large and delicate freights? Here are some of them:

Customers Not Following Packing Instructions

This is one of the main challenges of shipping delicate freights, large and small. People or companies always think that the freighter will handle the packing for them to ensure that the goods are shipped in good condition and good-looking packaging. For a large freighting company that’s handling hundreds or even thousands of shipments every day, they couldn’t care less. They expect the customers to properly package their goodies as they don’t have time to deal with it. But some freighters will pack your goods for an extra cost.

Storage Space

Large and delicate materials take up too much space, especially because you can’t stack other objects on top of it and sometimes, you can’t even just put it above other objects too to avoid the risk of it falling down.


Some packages contain hazardous material that can be dangerous if damaged. Things like glasses can possibly injure people if their packaging is severely damaged. Shattered glass can be scattered all over, which is extremely dangerous.

Other packages that contain large and delicate goods that can be hazardous are military equipment. They can be fatal if handled incorrectly.

Gas tanks, petrol, LPG are other large packages that can be hazardous.

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How a Business Coach Made us More Efficient and Why Every Business Should Hire One

We are a growing company and we are committed to providing an excellent service.  Today, thanks to marketing initiatives through physical means and digital, we can say that we are in a good place.  But it was not so all the time.

The first steps were tough and it seemed like we were heading towards a loophole of going mistake after mistake.  But then we managed to pick up and we seemed to be riding on the right track.  So, it all seemed like bananas and apples but we still felt something was off.

We got this feeling from observing other companies and how they seemed to be getting good profit and with less effort than us.  Yes, we were saving resources, trying to get more done in less time, but something was still off.  So once again, we were sailing the boat, but a bit aimlessly.

Our Solution

At the moment, we got the advice of getting some serious business help.   We took the advice and decided to hire a business coach to help us out.  I was not a hard decision really since we were not necessarily adrift in the business.  It was one of those things that you feel you must do just to hone yourself.

We did it out of wanting to be more efficient.  Because, hey, who does not want more profit from what they do?  In our case, we felt like we were failing in the efficiency of our services.  We just kept wondering if more could be done.  Getting ourselves some business coaching sounded just great.

Our Expectation

When it came to our expectation, we needed this business coach to take a look at our books, our history, our mission, and vision, and provide us with an objective look at all our processes. We needed this person to bring in their expertise to help us with those processes that we were probably not getting right.

Our Results

You see when you think of your teenage years and all the dumb things you did back then?  Those that today make you go facepalm?  That is kind of how we felt when our coach came to us.  It was like a huge eye-opener.

So she unrolled the plans and first pointed out what were the things that we were doing ok.  But then, knowing that we could take it further, she also explained things that we could do better to be more efficient.

Since that day, we can now tell that we offer better services and we get better feedback, more clients, and more importantly, satisfied clients.

You Should Get One

Even if you are a startup or an entrepreneur who seems to be struggling to make ends meet, you should hire a good business coach.  You are practically guaranteed to find success if you follow every step along the way.  There are so many things about your business that could use some outside look and advice.

You can become more efficient and have your processes get you more profit.

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The office chairs we use to work efficiently

What does it take to increase productivity in the office? And what are the things that you need to do in order for you to work efficiently and effectively? Ask the experts and one of the answer that they would give you is to get good office chairs.

Yes, you heard that right. Good office chairs plays an important role to encourage people to work efficiently. One study even shows that those workers who are sitting comfortable on the best quality offers chairs perform better than those who don’t.  It’s a perfect proof of the importance of having the most comfortable office chair.

How does it help?

If you are still in doubt about it, how does an office chair plays a role on your efficiency? There are a lot of benefits that a good office chair can provide. And these benefits one way or another connects to a person’s working performance.

Mainly, having the best office chair keep you seated comfortably. As a result, you are able to work with ease and comfort. And when you are seated comfortably, you can fix some of your posture issues and that will keep you in a good mood all day. If you’re feeling good, then you are most likely to perform better and produce best kind of results.

Also when you are sitting comfortably working for hours, you are less likely to feel any back and neck pain. If your office chair gives you an amazing support, then you back and your neck are properly positioned and that will keep you away from suffering from any sitting injuries. You might not know it, but back injuries if not properly taking care of will eventually become something severe and it might be too late.

Best Office chairs to use

There are too many available office chairs in the market.  In which is not really that easy to pinpoint which one is the best. As a matter of fact, most of them are saying that they got the best office chair for mankind. But remember, not all chairs are good for you. There are still several factors that you need to check out to make sure that you’ve the best one and that it would work to help you work better.

For instance, Embody Chair by Herman Miller is one of the top and the best office chairs in the market. With its design and ergonomic functions, you can be sure that it’s the best one to choose. It is also made to help blood circulation and thus promotes a relaxing feeling when you sit on it. So no matter how long you’ve been seated, you’d still feel great.

Another best office chair that you might want to consider is Alera Elusion swivel chair. Though it has a very simple design, it is still considered as one of the top office chairs in the market. With its mesh back, it is cool and comfortable to sit to. It’s also highly adjustable, which is one of the functions that you need to look for an office chair.

You can check out all the other amazing office chairs in the market and pick the best one for you!

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How we keep anything living out of our shipments

One of the major issues about shipping freights at long distances is the proliferation of plagues.  When it comes to this type of cargo, the rule is simple: If it moves and is not human, it´s gotta go.  But some critters are pretty elusive and hard to even see.

By the time you get any good sight of them, they have already caused serial loss to the valuable cargo.  This is why it is imperative for us as a crew to not only get rid of any plague but to prevent them from coming back.

Let us share what are the measures that we take to keep anything living out of our shipments.


Rats and mice love filth.  If you were to have anything hideously disgusting in your ship or even, your house, be aware of the fact that you are fostering mice proliferation.

So, the first thing that we realized had to be done was to clean the ships.  We went back and forth, checking out for any suspicious spots or something.  Everything was cleaned and now we seldom have rat or mice issue.

Spraying preventive

If you look carefully, there are several preventive measures out there.   These are repellents, (among other things) and help keep plagues away.  We spray this substance but only in the darkest places, those who we believe are a cradle of filth.

Sealing cargo effectively

We also went on to use some clear plastic wrapper to cover some cargo.  We just find it impossible to cover the entire bodega.  So, go on and try sealing the boxes.

Killing any suspicious subject

As stated before, we have a basic rule; if it moves, it has to go.  So, whenever we saw roaches, without hesitation, we get rid of them.   Most of the time it is death.  So, this is a good rule and we are trying to prevent any insect from multiplying after their kind.

Once again, a boat can very hardly keep a clean environment.  But with enough effort it can be done.  All you need is a broom and a mop and up you go.  We could not stress this enough.  Keeping a pristine environment really helps a lot.  Yes, it is a big ship but we had made the investment for people to do this.

If you ever need some Pest Removal, you should get in touch with Best Pest Removal.  They are experts and can guarantee that no ship will stay infested after their intervention.

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How are we able to move large shipments all over the world? Customized apps, of course!

You have probably read this before somewhere.  But Uber does not own any transportation vehicle and AirBNB does not have any hotel rooms.  But both of these companies make more money than any transportation company or hotel chain. How do they do it?

The answer is pretty easy, really.  Mobile apps.  If a mobile app can be accessed all over the world, then you can easily access all the world.  Simple and nifty.

The starting process

So then we started to plan.  How can we effectively get in touch with institutions from the other side of the pond?  But not just that.  To be able to present offers, deals, etc.

We were in need of a platform that offered clients the confidence that their business was well handled.  So we needed something reliable and professional.  As a bonus, we wanted our clients to keep track of their shipments.  But we thought that must be expensive as hell!

Little we knew about GPS.  Score!  So we presented our ideas to the best Mobile App Development Vancouver and we took off.   These guys really know what they are doing.  They improved our ideas and gave us neat suggestions.  I believe that the ending product was more than what we dreamed of.

The development

So, we started developing the application.  When we launched it, we were nervous about clients’ reactions.  They were a bit mixed but mostly good.  This is when I learned how huge can costumer´s opinion is.  As we went through the reviews of our app, we learned so many cool things.

This is how we got to the freight tracking thing.  We even added a comment section right next to a clients product in such a way that he has the ability to immediately contact us if they notice their shipment not moving.

Our mobile application had the professional look we were aiming for.  It provided all the necessary information about our products and services.  But what I believe is the part that most of our clients appreciated the most were the tools.

For example, we provided a tool to help calculate the approximate cost of moving such shipments.  The app developers had created this algorithm that helped calculate shipping costs from anywhere in the world.  I don´t even know how they get international customs costs for every country we ship to and from.

The results

We saw an increase in customer satisfaction.  We developed a human presence.  You have no idea how much costumers appreciate an immediate response to questions or even complaints.

But we are not stopping there.  We will continue working on offering our customers the best of technology to meet their needs of international shipping.

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How a business coach helped us improve our efficiency by 32%

We believe that the best part of a business coach is all the learning we get.  We are like little kids soaking in all the information and tools they have to help us improve our business.  They bring in all their expertise and connections to help you reach your goals.

Times in which a business is at the edge of the abyss are not the only ones in which a coach is required.  Especially if you are an entrepreneur with little business experience, a business coach will help you achieve your goals.

In our particular case, we saw an increase of efficiency of 32%.  This represented, of course, a greater production and a higher revenue.  This is what all businesses strive for.  These are the most important points in our course of business coaching.

Technology updating

One of the first things that our Business Coach pointed at was the technology are.  Being obsolete is standing way behind.  So we upped our website and some of the services we offered.  The truth is that the design of our website was a bit embarrassing.

Fortunately, our computers were not that obsolete, thank you administration.  We only had to improve our communication technology a bit and things started to roll up.

Online services

The online services that we were able to develop not only helped increase efficiency but it reduced costs.  VoIP was a great alternative to landlines.  We were introduced to cloud storage which allowed all employees to have access to all files at all times.  This greatly reduced the stress and the cumbersome logistics behind file sharing.

Key business goals

Our associates proved to be more efficient when they were given goals to meet at the end of the day or week.  This provided direction for all of us and helped us stay on task.  This increased the amount of work that we were able to complete in one day.

Better communication skills

Clear communication channels are important to a more efficient development.  When everybody knows what they are doing and are free to ask whenever they have a doubt it creates a better work environment.   We need to get the right messages to the right people.

Productivity boost

We created a program within the company that enabled employees to run for positions of greater leadership.  Being a not so big company did not give us many like positions but at least we managed to keep associates motivated.  Our coach worked hard on inspiring workers to reach their personal and professional potential.  This will increase efficiency and productivity.

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How we patented our new freight forwarding technology

Basically, the first thing that you do is get yourself informed.  Surely, any new technology or idea comes with the smart move of patenting it.  So, we knew that once we had come up with the original idea, we had to protect it.

Our first thoughts

What we learned was that a patent would give us the property right of the invention.  Since we are all about collaboration and making the world a better place, we still do not want to keep it to ourselves.  It’s just that we do not want anyone else claiming it as theirs and making a profit out of it.

Therefore, our efforts into patenting our technology.  Out of the three types of patent, we had to go for the utility patent, since we had invented a useful technology.

We did realize that the process could get a bit cumbersome and a bit hazy getting all papers together.  You see, if you miss a dot or a comma, papers are returned to you but no money.  So you have to be very careful that you cover everything.

Our first moves

We did not want to risk something coming out wrong and getting our request rejected.  We played it safe by hiring a top Patent Lawyer Vancouver.  We could not be happier.

When we got together, we realized that we had to put certain documents together.  This is what proves to the patents office that your idea is actually original.  We had to put together some plans and graphics of our technology.

Once we got all the documents together, these were presented to the patents office.  It truly was an exciting adventure, if you ask me.  Our lawyer told us about the importance of getting our technology and design patent.  In this way, if anybody would want to reproduce it, they should get the rights from us.

Honestly, this has helped us get some profit.  As I expressed before, we do not want to keep this technology from the world.  But we became experts on it and most gladly present to other companies as long as they credit.

The result

We finally got our patent on the first try.  We thanked our lawyer for his great work. It makes you feel good that you are contributing to the country´s development and growth.   We believe that this is the main purpose of Patent Law.  That and to protect the intellectual property of those geniuses that contribute to making our lives easier.

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Why Shipments Need to be Checked for Asbestos

Asbestos is classified as hazardous waste and that’s why shipments are always checked before being allowed. Asbestos testing Vancouver is a stringent proceeding to ensure that no contaminated cargoes are allowed to ship. Asbestos is associated with a lot of diseases including cancer and that’s why it has to be removed from your cargoes. Asbestos removal Vancouver is highly enforced when this chemical is discovered in your cargo.

Top Questions Regarding Asbestos

If you suspect that your cargo contains hazardous chemicals like asbestos, you have to call the experts to check it for you. Here are a few things that you need to know about this substance.

First, if asbestos is in good shape, it is relatively safe for your health. The law does not even require that it be removed. But as building owner, you have to monitor the condition of your property. When the asbestos begins to degrade, it has to be removed and disposed properly.

You have to hire a certified asbestos consultant to determine whether you have it in your cargo or not. Since it’s potentially hazardous to your health, you should not take any chances of doing things on your own. There special equipment needed to handle this chemical and chances are, you don’t have them so you better call the professionals.

Where to Find a Disposal Facility

When looking for a disposal facility to take care for your asbestos waste, you better choose the best company to take care of it. Look for one with a solid reputation among its customers. As around the locality if the company is noted for effective services and if customers are satisfied with them. Previous customers are always willing to give feedback when they are satisfied with their service providers.

You can also seek recommendations from online forums. There is a forum for everything under the sun online including disposal facilities. Again, you can ask for feedback from previous customers, only this time, not from the locality. Good service will not go unrewarded. People will always give good feedback when you give good service. This is true even for disposal facilities.

As a hazardous waste, asbestos needs to be disposed properly. Failure to do so means endangering yourself and others. Fairness principle dictates that you should be careful in dealing with toxic chemicals. If you can’t do it yourself, you better call those who have the wherewithal to do so.

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Why SEO Can Be Great for A Freight Forwarding Company

SEO is actually great for any company.  It is a great marketing tool if placed in the right hands.  But since our focus is freight forwarding, we will be briefly discussing why SEO for a freight forwarding company can be great.

Just like all businesses, a freight company needs the word of their existence out there.  Not only will a good SEO campaign not hurt but pretty much the opposite- if done correctly, it will translate into great revenue.  Companies all over the world are doing it and proven that it works.

Is a freight forwarding company any different?

So, let´s see.  Large corporations that import goods have to go through a large process of shipping, customs, and everything related.  Plus, they have to meet regulations and rules.  This sometimes becomes a daunting job that administrators or anyone untrained for the job will find difficult to complete, if not impossible.

If a company misses a detail, this can cost them some serious money.  Are they willing to risk it?  Most probably not. But then there are others that might.  This is where a marketing for freight forwarding business comes in.

It is the job of such company to convince large corporations that their services are needed.  That a freight forwarding company will help them with the logistics of everything required for shipping.  Very importantly, tell companies that ship goods that the services of a freight forwarding company are cost-effective.

A good SEO campaign for a freight forwarding company

Given that the services of a freight forwarding company need to be known by corporations that do shipping, a marketing campaign is needed.  This is where a good SEO comes in.  First, a website is indispensable.  This is where you will put the SEO efforts in place.

SEO refers to adding content on the internet that will rank high on a search.  In simpler terms, it is about getting your site at the top of search results.  But how do you do that?  Well, the truth is that it requires some work.

Too many people believe that ranking high on SEO is all about keywords.  Like, placing this specific keyword a hundred times in a website will get you there.  In 2016, this practice might actually hurt your SEO efforst.  There are so many other things to consider.

The visuals on a freight forwarding company website are essential.  Creating content that is shareable goes a long way towards SEO efforts.  Being recommended by other websites does the trick as well.  These and many other factors put together will make the company being known by those who need the services.

Get professional help

A good marketing campaign is essential to get the voice of your services out there.  A good SEO will help you tons with these efforts.  Not sure yet how to start?  There is an SEO Vancouver service that will work perfectly for you.  They will help you get started and follow up through your marketing SEO efforts.




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Benefits of Using Storage Companies for Temporary Storage of Large Shipments


Before you can ship large shipments, there are tons of paper works that needs to be done. This will cause delay and in the meantime, you need storage in Kamploops to store them. When looking for storage in Kamloops, look no farther than Los Rios Storage. You have to move fast though, their warehouses are easily filled.

The benefits of having a warehouse for temporary storage can’t be overstated. When you can’t just dispose of things in your office you will need a warehouse to store them. When you need to ship something but you can’t do it immediately, you need a warehouse. The only question that remains is how to choose the best one.

How to Choose a Warehouse

When you have some specific warehousing needs, choosing a warehouse can be dounting to say the least. You have to wade through the lingo, the sales pitches just to discern that the warehouse is actually a good fit to your needs. Here are some tips that will surely help you in your decision.

  1. Location—Consider the location of your delivery and the location of the warehouse. Is the warehouse located in a place where you can optimize the cost both for you and your client?
  2. Access—Any warehouse that you choose should be easibly accessible from major highways. On top of that, since you are considering a huge shipment, it should also be accessible to major ports.
  3. Company profile—Is the company trustworthy? Do you know some of their repeat clients? Are their current clients occupying a good amount of their spaces? If not, this can be a red flag that the company is not attracting huge client base.
  4. Sorage area—Will the storage area answer for your needs? While its important to know their storage area, you have to know also if they still have some available for your large shipments. If you will store bigger shipments in the future, will they be available for your growing storage needs?
  5. Membership with reputable organizations—Part of knowing the company profile is knowing whether they are a member of reputable organizations. Huge storage organizations don’t want to be associated with fly-by-night operators who will only damage their name.

Choosing a storage company can be overwhelming but the tips above will surely reduce the confusion. Following these tips will surely help you decide which company to entrust your shipments while you are still waiting for the paperworks to come in.

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