How we patented our new freight forwarding technology

Basically, the first thing that you do is get yourself informed.  Surely, any new technology or idea comes with the smart move of patenting it.  So, we knew that once we had come up with the original idea, we had to protect it.

Our first thoughts

What we learned was that a patent would give us the property right of the invention.  Since we are all about collaboration and making the world a better place, we still do not want to keep it to ourselves.  It’s just that we do not want anyone else claiming it as theirs and making a profit out of it.

Therefore, our efforts into patenting our technology.  Out of the three types of patent, we had to go for the utility patent, since we had invented a useful technology.

We did realize that the process could get a bit cumbersome and a bit hazy getting all papers together.  You see, if you miss a dot or a comma, papers are returned to you but no money.  So you have to be very careful that you cover everything.

Our first moves

We did not want to risk something coming out wrong and getting our request rejected.  We played it safe by hiring a top Patent Lawyer Vancouver.  We could not be happier.

When we got together, we realized that we had to put certain documents together.  This is what proves to the patents office that your idea is actually original.  We had to put together some plans and graphics of our technology.

Once we got all the documents together, these were presented to the patents office.  It truly was an exciting adventure, if you ask me.  Our lawyer told us about the importance of getting our technology and design patent.  In this way, if anybody would want to reproduce it, they should get the rights from us.

Honestly, this has helped us get some profit.  As I expressed before, we do not want to keep this technology from the world.  But we became experts on it and most gladly present to other companies as long as they credit.

The result

We finally got our patent on the first try.  We thanked our lawyer for his great work. It makes you feel good that you are contributing to the country´s development and growth.   We believe that this is the main purpose of Patent Law.  That and to protect the intellectual property of those geniuses that contribute to making our lives easier.

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Why Shipments Need to be Checked for Asbestos

Asbestos is classified as hazardous waste and that’s why shipments are always checked before being allowed. Asbestos testing Vancouver is a stringent proceeding to ensure that no contaminated cargoes are allowed to ship. Asbestos is associated with a lot of diseases including cancer and that’s why it has to be removed from your cargoes. Asbestos removal Vancouver is highly enforced when this chemical is discovered in your cargo.

Top Questions Regarding Asbestos

If you suspect that your cargo contains hazardous chemicals like asbestos, you have to call the experts to check it for you. Here are a few things that you need to know about this substance.

First, if asbestos is in good shape, it is relatively safe for your health. The law does not even require that it be removed. But as building owner, you have to monitor the condition of your property. When the asbestos begins to degrade, it has to be removed and disposed properly.

You have to hire a certified asbestos consultant to determine whether you have it in your cargo or not. Since it’s potentially hazardous to your health, you should not take any chances of doing things on your own. There special equipment needed to handle this chemical and chances are, you don’t have them so you better call the professionals.

Where to Find a Disposal Facility

When looking for a disposal facility to take care for your asbestos waste, you better choose the best company to take care of it. Look for one with a solid reputation among its customers. As around the locality if the company is noted for effective services and if customers are satisfied with them. Previous customers are always willing to give feedback when they are satisfied with their service providers.

You can also seek recommendations from online forums. There is a forum for everything under the sun online including disposal facilities. Again, you can ask for feedback from previous customers, only this time, not from the locality. Good service will not go unrewarded. People will always give good feedback when you give good service. This is true even for disposal facilities.

As a hazardous waste, asbestos needs to be disposed properly. Failure to do so means endangering yourself and others. Fairness principle dictates that you should be careful in dealing with toxic chemicals. If you can’t do it yourself, you better call those who have the wherewithal to do so.

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Why SEO Can Be Great for A Freight Forwarding Company

SEO is actually great for any company.  It is a great marketing tool if placed in the right hands.  But since our focus is freight forwarding, we will be briefly discussing why SEO for a freight forwarding company can be great.

Just like all businesses, a freight company needs the word of their existence out there.  Not only will a good SEO campaign not hurt but pretty much the opposite- if done correctly, it will translate into great revenue.  Companies all over the world are doing it and proven that it works.

Is a freight forwarding company any different?

So, let´s see.  Large corporations that import goods have to go through a large process of shipping, customs, and everything related.  Plus, they have to meet regulations and rules.  This sometimes becomes a daunting job that administrators or anyone untrained for the job will find difficult to complete, if not impossible.

If a company misses a detail, this can cost them some serious money.  Are they willing to risk it?  Most probably not. But then there are others that might.  This is where a marketing for freight forwarding business comes in.

It is the job of such company to convince large corporations that their services are needed.  That a freight forwarding company will help them with the logistics of everything required for shipping.  Very importantly, tell companies that ship goods that the services of a freight forwarding company are cost-effective.

A good SEO campaign for a freight forwarding company

Given that the services of a freight forwarding company need to be known by corporations that do shipping, a marketing campaign is needed.  This is where a good SEO comes in.  First, a website is indispensable.  This is where you will put the SEO efforts in place.

SEO refers to adding content on the internet that will rank high on a search.  In simpler terms, it is about getting your site at the top of search results.  But how do you do that?  Well, the truth is that it requires some work.

Too many people believe that ranking high on SEO is all about keywords.  Like, placing this specific keyword a hundred times in a website will get you there.  In 2016, this practice might actually hurt your SEO efforst.  There are so many other things to consider.

The visuals on a freight forwarding company website are essential.  Creating content that is shareable goes a long way towards SEO efforts.  Being recommended by other websites does the trick as well.  These and many other factors put together will make the company being known by those who need the services.

Get professional help

A good marketing campaign is essential to get the voice of your services out there.  A good SEO will help you tons with these efforts.  Not sure yet how to start?  There is an SEO Vancouver service that will work perfectly for you.  They will help you get started and follow up through your marketing SEO efforts.




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Benefits of Using Storage Companies for Temporary Storage of Large Shipments


Before you can ship large shipments, there are tons of paper works that needs to be done. This will cause delay and in the meantime, you need storage in Kamploops to store them. When looking for storage in Kamloops, look no farther than Los Rios Storage. You have to move fast though, their warehouses are easily filled.

The benefits of having a warehouse for temporary storage can’t be overstated. When you can’t just dispose of things in your office you will need a warehouse to store them. When you need to ship something but you can’t do it immediately, you need a warehouse. The only question that remains is how to choose the best one.

How to Choose a Warehouse

When you have some specific warehousing needs, choosing a warehouse can be dounting to say the least. You have to wade through the lingo, the sales pitches just to discern that the warehouse is actually a good fit to your needs. Here are some tips that will surely help you in your decision.

  1. Location—Consider the location of your delivery and the location of the warehouse. Is the warehouse located in a place where you can optimize the cost both for you and your client?
  2. Access—Any warehouse that you choose should be easibly accessible from major highways. On top of that, since you are considering a huge shipment, it should also be accessible to major ports.
  3. Company profile—Is the company trustworthy? Do you know some of their repeat clients? Are their current clients occupying a good amount of their spaces? If not, this can be a red flag that the company is not attracting huge client base.
  4. Sorage area—Will the storage area answer for your needs? While its important to know their storage area, you have to know also if they still have some available for your large shipments. If you will store bigger shipments in the future, will they be available for your growing storage needs?
  5. Membership with reputable organizations—Part of knowing the company profile is knowing whether they are a member of reputable organizations. Huge storage organizations don’t want to be associated with fly-by-night operators who will only damage their name.

Choosing a storage company can be overwhelming but the tips above will surely reduce the confusion. Following these tips will surely help you decide which company to entrust your shipments while you are still waiting for the paperworks to come in.

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Options Available When Moving Your Belongings After Selling Your House

As much as moving into a new house can prove to be an exciting adventure, it is also one that can be stressful.  After all, having to place all things into boxes, in an organized manner, and moving them to your new home is not necessarily the most fun part of moving.  Of course, you can choose to leave some furniture withing the price of the house and get to your new place a little lighter.

If you are about to move and do not see any options to moving belongings from one place to another, there are some options you might want to take a look at and decide their relevance to you.

Gather some friends

This is definitively the cheapest option (if not free) you might have to relocate your things.  They will be required to move things with you as you instruct them.  So, if you are planning on selling your home some time in the future, start making some very good friends that will not complain to the size of your shipping boxes.   Of course, consider compensating your friends when they are done helping you.

Rent a huge truck

If you do not have friends and are done looking for any, option two might be an option for you.  Depending on where you live, you can find deals for renting a moving truck.   Just visit their offices and compare prices between agencies.  The disadvantage here is that you will need the help of friends, which takes us back to making an effort to build relationships.

Rent a moving service

Renting transportation might be worth it if you do not meet any of the above criteria.  Usually, the renting service includes lifting and transporting into your new home.  The disadvantage of this option is that those who are lifting your stuff might end up causing an accident and breaking something.  You can, of course, supervise and make sure they do take everything outside.  Make sure you are very clear on what are the policies regarding moving trucks.

Moving out from your old home is an experience that will allow you to build new memories on a new home.  It is meant to be a cheerful experience but sometimes the procedures necessary to deliver a professional work are not available.

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Tips on Choosing a Freight Forwarder

If you are going to ship items to and from an international destination, choosing the right freight forwarder is a crucial step. By getting the right freight forwarder, you can avoid a variety of problems, from delayed deliveries, damaged goods and inaccurate shipping status. With that in mind, you have to make sure that you can find the right freight forwarder for you needs. However, with hundreds of freight forwarders out there, it can be a pain to choose from them. So, without further ado, let’s begin.

A Freight Forwarder must be experienced

The longer the freight forwarding is on business, the better its services will be. In addition, they’ll be able to ship items efficiently and without hassle, as they would have established a relation to a lot of companies all around the world.

A Freight Forwarder must have a wide range of contracts

If it is imperative that your products are sent with the first cruising vessel, then you ought to work with forwarders who have different carrier contracts. This is very imperative in top season when space turn into an issue. In the event that your forwarder has more than one carrier alternative then the possibility of your cargo getting on board will be higher. Your forwarder can simply locate a substitute alternative in the event that they have different transporter contracts.

A Freight Forwarding company should be financially strong

Even though you are the one, who’s paying them, you ought to check their financial strength dependably. How about we say you made your payment for the cargo to your forwarder then you discover your freight has not been discharged on the grounds that your forwarder couldn’t pay to the sea transporter. This may defer your load discharge and collect different charges, for example, demurrage and confinement that may make you pay more.

Know your forwarder

Comprehend what your forwarder can and can’t accomplish for you. Realize what you are in charge of and what they are in charge of. Read different blogs, regulations, industry terms, worldwide treaties and whatever else needed for your shipments. What zone of logistics do you truly require?

Your Freight Forwarder must have a good customer service

A good customer service is imperative. Without a good customer service, a freight forwarding company will not be able to help its clients in times of need. In addition to that, what if you need help? What if you have some troubles with your shipment? A good customer service can easily help you.

Overall, you must do your research thoroughly and make sure that your freight forwarding company can do what you need it to do. There are a lot of resources out there to help you identify if a company is right for you.

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What is Freight Forwarding?

Freight forwarding is an administration utilized by organizations that deal as a part of international or multi-national import and fare. While the freight forwarder doesn’t really move the freight itself, it goes about as a mediator between the customer and different transportation administrations. Sending items starting with one international destination then onto the next can include a multitude of transporters, necessities and legalities. A freight forwarding administration handles the extensive logistics of this errand for the customer, assuaging what might somehow be an imposing burden.

Freight forwarding administrations ensure that items will get to the best possible destination by an agreed upon date, and in a great condition. The freight forwarding administration uses established associations with transporters of numerous types, from air freighters and trucking organizations, to rail freighters and sea liners. Freight forwarding administrations arrange the best conceivable cost to move the item along the most sparing course by working out different offers and picking the particular case that best adjusts speed, expense and unwavering quality.

The standards of freight forwarding are prefaced on the effective and practical exchange of products that are kept up in great condition all through their ventures. To fulfill this, freight forwarders get to be specialists in dealing with the logistics important to guarantee that the merchandise arrive on time. Fruitful exchange and transporting in growing globalized markets means having the right apparatuses available to you.

A freight forwarding administration for the most part gives one or more estimates to the customer and if required, they also give advises. Considerations that impact cost will range from inception and destination to exceptional prerequisites, for example, refrigeration or, for instance, transport of conceivably risky materials. If the customer acknowledges the forwarder’s offer, the freight is prepared for delivery. The freight forwarding administration then embraces the obligation of orchestrating the vehicle from purpose of beginning to destination.

Organizations hoping to fare things can utilize freight forwarders to spare time and exertion as well as to guarantee that the products arrive at the client’s destination on time and without any damage or incident. A freight forwarder can provide the exporter with all the vital documentation and in addition communicate with the transportation organizations needed to get the items to the client.

A good freight forwarding company must have the knowledge and skills of freight forwarding regulations. This is integral to make sure that the delivery of good and items will be hassle free, fast and efficient. Indeed, even as the information of customs regulations is a vital segment, the effective exchange of merchandise through freight forwarding depends on its administration industry. Thusly, freight forwarding relies on upon having the right individuals whose dedication to perfection and consumer loyalty guarantees that products achieve their last destination in an auspicious and proficient way.

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Freight Forwarding

The basics of freight forwarding

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